Pro Auto Rubber Pretoria


Our mission is to provide accurate advice, professional service and only the best quality workmanship and stock on rubber, and all hydraulic, automotive and pneumatic hoses and fittings as well as all the PVC and Plastic Extrusions and  other related products we are able to manufacture and supply. 

Pro Auto Rubber Pretoria

The company was started in 2006. Currently we strive to supply the best product and service and have a wide range of products that is carried in stock. Our main lines of supply are: Rubber Extrusions, Moldings, Sheeting. We own a wide range of molds and die’s that is used for the manufacture of certain profiles. All tooling is engineered according to the request of the customer.

PVC & Plastic Profile extrusions and Moldings

Our sister company has its own factory where we manufacture all the extrusions and moldings.

Hydraulics’, Pneumatics and Automotive 

We have a wide range of pipes and fittings that we stock and all basic engineering is done on our premises. All crimping on assemblies is also done on site.


We have offices in Pretoria West and Lyttleton Centurion. We supply to a wide range of markets and companies for over 10 years.  

We have also started with a new range of Hydraulics. That includes the supplying of pipes and fittings as well as assemblies.

If there is any additional details needed please feel to contact our office number or on my cell number.